Walk through the doors of Kohler Academy and you’ll discover a close-knit learning community working together to create an environment where the focus and priority is helping each student reach their full potential. Kohler Academy has over 50 years of experience providing unique academic and therapeutic programming that supports students’ unique and diverse needs through collaboration and advocacy. Led by Principal Sunny Beal, Kohler Academy continues its history of excellence in education today.

Move through the hallways of Kohler Academy and you’ll see how the school brings education to life for its students with its large classrooms, therapy spaces, life skills areas, accessible playground and sensory gym.

“Due to the nature of our students’ abilities and medical needs, regression can be detrimental,” Beal says. “We’re proud to be safely operating in-person since September 2020. The hands-on learning and therapies our students are receiving is essential in keeping them moving forward.”

Enter a classroom at Kohler Academy and you’ll find students who are engaged and challenged, while being an important part of a nurturing school community. Kohler Academy believes that children learn from each other, as well as from adults, which is why collaboration and small class sizes permit the teachers and therapists to work together to address student needs in the moment.

As part of the Arc of Union County, students and families have access to additional programs and services that provide supplemental resources for Kohler Academy families that will complement their journeys. “It’s wonderful to know our families are supported through all stages of their lives,” says Beal. “Those are important pieces.”

1137 Globe Ave., Mountainside