Mystery Club

By Aron Nels Steinke
Ages 7-10, Graphix

Randy, Aziza and Margot have questions about their new classroom. Is the girls’ bathroom haunted and where did Mr. Greens go? The trio form a mystery club and follow the clues with help from their peers. Mixing suspense and comedy, this graphic novel aims to solve the mysteries of Mr. Wolf’s class.

Release date: February 26

The Potter’s Boy

By Tony Mitton
Ages 8-12, David Fickling Books

When Ryo, the son of a potter, witnesses an act of tremendous bravery and courage, he sets off on quest to become a hero. He’ll train in meditative arts and when tragedy comes to pass, he’ll find that what he’s learned has driven him to his purpose.

Release date: February 26

Song For a Whale

By Lynne Kelly
Ages 8-12, Delacorte Books for Young Readers

When you’re the only deaf person at your school, like Iris, people are constantly underestimating you. The precocious 12-year-old isn’t just a tech genius, she’s searching for connection. When Iris discovers Blue 55, a real whale who isn’t able to speak with other whales, she decides to figure out a way to “sing” to him, even if he’s 3,000 miles away.  

Release date: February 5

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

By Dan Gemeinhart​
Ages 9-12, Henry Holt and Co.

Five years after losing her mom and two sisters in a car crash, Coyote and her dad are living in an old school bus, traveling across the US. They gone home since the accident, but when Coyote finds out her old neighborhood is tearing down their park—the one she and her mom and sisters buried a time capsule in—she knows she needs to trick her dad into going back to Washington. They’ll pick up some hitchhikers along the way and Coyote will find that going  home might be just the thing she needs to take the next step forward.

Release date: January 8

Prosper Redding

By Alexandra Bracken
Ages 9-12, Disney-Hyperion

When an 800-year-old demon comes to claim eternal servitude from young Prosper Redding and his family, less-than-ordinary Prosper will learn that he has a lot to offer: including hope. As the clock runs down, he’ll do what he can to stop history from repeating itself. In the sequel, Prosper and Prince Alastor must work together to save what they both love—even if that means going into the demon realm and Prosper making a deal with the demon that lives within him.

Release date: February 5