Courtesy of American Museum of Natural History, Unseen Oceans


Bring your little brainiac out of her room for new and exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) events. From digging for dinosaurs to learning about the depths of the sea, there’s something for every scientist to enjoy this month.

Monday-Friday, July 9-13


Where: Rutherfurd Hall, Allamuchy
Price: $140
Deets: Ages 9-13 can hit the great outdoors to meet local wildlife, make crafts using natural materials and build rockets, plus participate in a variety of games and activities.

Kitchen Lab

Where: The Willow School, Gladstone
Price: $425
Deets: Grades 3-8 can get comfortable in the kitchen, plus learn the science behind the taste and smell of ingredients. And maybe they’ll learn a thing or two about making their own lunches.

Wednesday, July 11

Science Wednesdays: Explore Sand

Where: The Morris Museum, Morristown
Price: Included with admission
Deets: Discover how artificial sand is made, plus learn how it holds shape, absorbs water and differs by location. Registration required.

Monday-Friday, July 16-20

Sciensational: Space Nine 3-in-1 All-Terrain Robot

Where: Hunterdon County Arboretum, Flemington
Price: $161
Deets: Ages 8-12 can build their own Martian Robot, then join competitions to test their creativity. If your kids are interested in forensic science, engineering or all-terrain vehicles, they can sign up for Sciensational programs like CSI Crime Scene Investigation, Model Airplanes, Bridge Building and Electronic Gadgets or The All-Terrain Tracker instead.

Wednesday, July 18

Science Wednesdays: Rock and Write with Graphite

Where: The Morris Museum, Morristown
Price: Included with admission
Deets: Use different tools to test the strength of minerals, plus take a turn at writing using pure graphite. Mini scientists can also perform experiments to see if their minerals can conduct electricity. Registration required.

Thursday, July 19

Diggin’ for Dinosaurs

Where: Warren County Library, Hackettstown
Price: Free
Deets: Ages 5-11 can test their paleontological skills by excavating and reassembling faux-fossilized rocks. They’ll discover, sort and classify bones from T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and other dinos. Your lil’ digger can take home fossilized shark teeth and other unearthed treasures. Registration required.

Monday-Friday, July 23-27

Dig Into Archaeology Camp

Where: Jacobus Vanderveer House and Museum, Bedminster
Price: $200
Deets: Grades 3-7 can get their dig on at this hands-on archaeology experience. From measuring and plotting to sorting and washing, they’ll learn about the objects they uncover, figure out how to categorize them and get a taste of Colonial life.

Wednesday, July 25

Science Wednesdays: Hold Everything

Where: The Morris Museum, Morristown
Price: Included in admission
Deets: Go crazy with chemistry! Get jiggy with household products and learn about properties and absorbency. Registration required.


Unseen Oceans

Where: American Museum of Natural History, NYC
Price: $28/adults, $16.50/kids
Deets: Check out interactive media installations, watch 3D animations of great white sharks, try the magnetic sand table and visit live marine animals while learning about the ocean and the tech used to explore it. Ends January 6.

Nikon Small World Photomicrography Exhibit

Where: New Jersey State Museum, Trenton
Price: Included in admission
Deets: This photography exhibit explores the beauty of microscopic life, showcasing the top 20 images from Nikon’s annual photomicrography competition. The exhibit combines art and technology to emphasize the wonders of science. Ends July 8.

STEAM Ahead!

Where: Morris County Library, Whippany
Price: Free
Deets: Grades 1 and up can explore a fun activity every Wednesday that encourages interest in science. Ends August 1.

Grossology Exhibit

Where: Liberty Science Center, Jersey City
Price: $5 in addition to admission
Deets: Parents, have no fear: Your kids can be gross here. Kids love the ooey and icky, and this comedic exhibition will answer all their questions. From what’s up their noses to what happens in the bathroom, they’ll learn about their bodies in an approachable way. They’ll even get to play a supersized version of Operation.

Oceans: Our Blue Planet 3D

Where: Liberty Science Center, Jersey City
Price: $28.75
Deets: Journey beneath the waves to discover dolphins, coral reefs and other creatures and plants located deep in the planet’s oceans. Ends August 25.