As the superstorm Sandy left devastation in her wake, many of us across New Jersey were powerless, literally and figuratively, to locate any kind of information regarding the current state of New Jersey, as well as our own municipalities. If the past few days have taught us anything, it's that in a significant, widespread power outage, it is difficult to collect and share information on where to get help, where to offer help, how to donate, how to find out about when school districts planned to resume classes, or which grocery stores opened their doors…

Our faithful following of Facebook fans spent the past few days scouring the nets and connecting with each other, and us, to share timely, relevant resources to help us get through some dark days, and we've begun to compile it all here for you as a resource. Please comment below to offer any updates and we'll revise our content accordingly. We're all in it together!

We are grateful to everyone who posted information on our Facebook pages; you really helped out a lot of New Jersey families.

And, finally, we send our sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone out there making today better for someone else.