Fun reads for your kids

so you want to be presidentThere isn't just one kind of person who grows up to be President. In Judith St. George's book So You Want to be President? The Revised and Updated Edition (Philomel Books, 2000), you'll learn that our country's Presidents have come from all different backgrounds. They've been raised in log cabins and mansions. Some had many siblings, while two Presidents were orphans. This Caldecott Award-winning book is now revised and updated to include information about current president Barack Obama. Ages 6 and up. $17.99.


first mothers by bevery gherman

Behind every president is a devoted mother, and these women are the focus of author Beverly Gherman’s and illustrator Julie Downing’s whimsical First Mothers (Clarion, 2012). Gain fun insights, such as what James Madison’s mother called him (Jemmy) and what time Barack Obama’s mom woke him up to study (4 am). Just think—now you can be quick with a snappy response when your child says, "If I were president, I wouldn't have to…" Even the President has a mom. Ages 6-9, $17.99.


Did you know?

  • January 20, 2013 is Inauguration Day, but when it falls on a Sunday, as it does this year, there is a private swearing-in ceremony that day and a public ceremony the next day, Monday.
  • This year will be the 57th Presidential Inauguration.
  • The last time we had three two-term presidents in a row was in the 1820s. They were Presidents Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.


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