I'm Not Tired Yet by Marianne Richmond, Sourcebook 2012Do you have a child who won't settle into bed without a dozen excuses? If so, here's a fun bedtime story that will mke you laugh with recognition. I'm Not Tired Yet! , a new book by Marianne Richmond, will help every parent ease their child off to dreamland.

In the story, 6-year-old Ralphie invents every excuse to delay his bedtime. His perceptive mom, however, sees his stalling as her invitation to engage Ralphie in a silly series of kisses, hugs, pinches, and pokes—all inspired by his favorite animals and each leaving the twosome in a heap of giggles.

I'm Not Tired Yet! inspires a playful bedtime routine that leaves kids and grownups looking forward to nighttime no matter how strong the allure of playtime.

I'm Not Tired Yet! is written and illustrated by Marianne Richmond (Sourcebooks, 2012).