Ice Cream Party DecorTHE LOOK Pale pinks, greens, and browns create an air of old-time gentility, of summers filled with graceful gardens and ice-cream socials. Go for pretty, simple décor.




Ice Cream Party ToppingsTHE EATS You’ll need one main item here: ice cream, and plenty of it, in various flavors. (Go for 31 if you have a big freezer.) Stock a make-your-own table with bowls, cups, cones, and spoons, along with terrific toppings like sprinkles, cherries, nuts—you name it. Root beer for ice cream floats, as well as sherbet-and-ginger-ale punch are a must.




Ice Cream Parlor GameTHE FUN This is an event where the fun is in the festive “food” that is ice cream. Best held as a late afternoon “social” in between lunch and dinner, this party is all about serving up the opportunity to create the ultimate ice-cream concoction. Do have on display “parlor” games such as cards, checkers, chess, and whatnot. These will mostly be for show, though. Adults will chat while the kids will run around after having injested all that sugar.


ice cream favorsTHE FAVORS Wrap in cellophane ice-cream-cone-shaped sippie cups and kid-friendly travel editions of popular parlor games. Go bananas with gift cards to a local ice-cream shop.



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