If you’ve stepped one foot outside your door in the last few months, you know one thing for sure: Pokémon Go is all. The. Rage. And, obviously, a birthday party trend is next.

“Pokémon is a perfect example of a party theme that’s new and fun for kids, but at the same time, is a throw back for many parents,” says Angela Yu Bae of the event planning company Angi & Co in Fort Lee. “There’s a familiarity that will connect across both generations. When planning these themed parties, parents often know more about these characters, and are often more excited about the planning.”

Power off their devices and help your kid and his fellow trainers catch all the red, white and black pokéballs with an old-school scavenger hunt. DIY the pokéballs (which double as cake toppers) using ping-pong balls, masking tape and craft paint. Add to the theme with hanging lanterns and streamers in the same palette. Channel your inner artist to draw adorable little Pikachus on yellow paper cups.