How to Save Kids' School Papers and ArtworkIt's the beginning of the school year, and that means lots of papers and artwork arrive home, which you need to find a way to organize and save.

First, toss what you can. Every handwriting practice sheet and drawing created during indoor recess does not need to be saved. Cull through everything and save the best of the best—and recycle the rest.

Now that you've narrowed down the pieces you really want to keep, here are some clever solutions to save and organize it all:

  • Store with My Art Gallery, a magnetic frame system that can go on the fridge. There are three frames, and each can hold approximately 35 pieces of art. In addition, there's an accompanying keepsake box that stores hundreds more.
  • Save in mailing tubes, just roll the artwork up, put it inside, and label the outside with name, grade and year.
  • Photograph the artwork, and use the photos to create a single framed piece of art that can be displayed.
  • Use ArtKive, a clever app that makes it possible to store and tag images digitally, and then take your child's "artkive" to create a keepsake book, with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 140 pages. (Book prices range from $25 to $102.50)

Looking for more ideas?
Here are solutions we shared last year and there are lots more on Pinterest, too.

When it comes to kids and their creations, do you mostly toss or mostly keep?


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