For a little while, we've been playing with names for our front-of-book section in the magazine. "Clipboard" just didn't feel right anymore—What mom carries around a Clipboard? (If you do, tell us. You're a fascinating creature.)

We're trying to come up with a term that resonates with the current attitudes and desires of parents—moms, specifically.

Playing off the notion of "board(s)" and considering trends in thinking/doing/social media, I kept arriving at this name, "Mood Board." It seems to me that it's a part of the lexicon now. The term has moved beyond "hokey" into actual practice. (Pinterest, anyone?) From The Secret's "Wish Board" to the practice of editors and designers calling their "idea" corkboard, their "mood board," it felt right in a way. But I know I'm obviously looking at this from a distinct perspective ("Editors and designers use 'mood boards' so EVERYONE knows what that means!"). Obviously, I was not successful in lobbying my colleagues.

Then we thought maybe "Scrapbook"? But we ultimately felt that that is similarly *too* laden with some individual perspective?

Some other creative cues we've noted include:

  • Idea – Idea Board
  • Inspire – Inspiration
  • Interest
  • Favorites
  • New
  • To Do
  • What We're Seeing
  • Picks
  • Create. Play. Inspire. (and various derivatives of this, including but not limited to: Create. Play. Do. / Create. Dream. Do. / Create. Explore. Play.)

Please share your thoughts with us. If your name is selected, you'll become a part of our new Parent Advisory Board! You’ll enjoy meeting other influential moms, previewing cool events and feature articles before they go public, and getting special family-friendly perks such as tickets to special events, newly released children's products, or other fun stuff.

Please offer up suggestions in the Comments below!

Let the brainstorming begin.