Courtesy of Steamy Hallows Facebook page


Muggles, you may not be able to grab a pint of Butterbeer at Honeydukes, but NYC now has another magically enticing option: Steamy Hallows.

This past Wednesday, the Potter-themed coffee shop apparated into the East Village. Serving Butterbeer cookies, basic witch lattes and love potions, the shop is adorned with Halloween-inspired items like a framed bat, magic mirror, mandrake and cauldrons.

The shop is the brainchild of Zach Neil, who created the Tim Burton-inspired Beetle House and Star Wars-themed Darkside bar.

If you love coffee and your kids love the Wizarding World, this is a magical mix. You’ll get your caffeine fix and they’ll feel like they’ve stepped into Diagon Alley.

This pop-up won’t be around forever (it’s last day is currently unknown), so make sure you take your Potter fanatics ASAP! Steamy Hallows is located at 514 E. Sixth St.