Camp StationeryAre your kids heading off to sleepaway camp? Here are picks for stationery so great, your kids might actually write a letter or two home:

Camp Bound has easy fill-in-the blank postcards in a variety of styles (10 for $5.95).

Oh My Word, featured in our June issue, has snarky cards that are perfect for teens and tweens with lines like "things I think you would want to hear." ($4 per card and envelope).

Bunk Notes are personalized with name and return address, cleverly packaged in a silver tin ($36 for a set of 16 flat cards).

Paper Source shares directions for how to make a complete DIY stationery kit with everything kids will need, including stickers and postage stamps.

Minted is filled with lots of styles to choose from and personalization options (15 cards for $35) as well as journals ($16) which can be customized with a photo cover.

And last but not least, make sure to stamp and address envelopes to make it extra easy for kids to send those letters home!


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