Ice Bubbles

Got leftover bubbles from the summer? Bundle up the kids and take them out for some unique bubble blowing. Have your crew blow bubbles as usual and then watch them instantly turn to ice balls in midair. Fair warning: it needs to be extra cold outside (below freezing) for the magic to work.

Snow Graffiti

Who said snow needs to stay white? Little artists will love painting wherever there’s powder. You may be tempted to use spray bottles with water and food coloring, or liquid watercolors, but that could be a recipe for soaked mittens and fingers. Brushing paint directly onto the snow is a lot easier—and is most likely to keep their hands dry!! Fill bowls or jars with colored paint, grab some brushes and have them get busy with their masterpieces. Use washable tempera paint to prevent stains on their snow gear.

​Great idea from: Hands On As We Grow

Mr. Snow Potato Head

This activity is the perfect alternative to building a snowman. Dress up snowballs with Mr. Potato Head body parts and hats to make little snow people. If you don’t have any, use

stuff around the house, doll clothes or anything else that won’t get ruined when wet.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Snow’s great for a lot of things, like playing and building. But it’s also perfect for hiding! Take some ordinary household objects and bury them in the snow. Then, give the gang a list of items to find and send them on a wintry Easter egg-like hunt. If there’s no snow yet but you know a storm is coming, put a few treasures out on the lawn ahead of time. Make a list of what’s hidden and look for the items once the snow’s settled.

Great idea from: Melissa and Doug


Build a Snowman

You don’t have to sing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”, but we’re guessing it’s going to come up. Really up your snowman game though, and get away from the traditional Frosty look. You can make anything, even a cute Olaf. Bring a misting water bottle in case your snow is too dry to get the right consistency. Once you the shape of the body get the general shape, sculpt like you would a sandcastle. Don’t be afraid to use those pumpkin carving or kitchen gadgets, help create the perfect face. Want your snowman to have rosy cheeks? Add a peppermint swirl candy, and as the snow melts his cheeks will turn pink.

Great idea from: Indulgy.com


Swedish Snow Lantern

Turn snowballs and LED lights into this amazing Scandinavian-inspired snow lantern. Stack snowballs carefully around small LED battery-powered lights and watch how it glows.

Great idea from: ivillage.com


Build a Snow Tunnel or Maze

When the snow is deep enough, sometimes a tunnel is the most fun way to get around (just make sure only the big kids try this).  Give them a shovel and use cardboard boxes help reinforce the interior walls of the maze.

Great idea from: Parent's Peace


Make an Igloo or a Snow Fort

You can make your own igloo bricks freehand, or buy one of the “brick-makers”  — most drugstores carry them for around $5. (You could also easily repurpose beach toys.) Then stack away — create the shape of the walls with the first layer and then build up from there.  What a great way to give the kids a wintery geometry lesson!


Snow Golf

What if we told you golf is more than a fair weather sport? When the snow piles up, make a perfect little golf course. Dig a small hole in the snow (fill with a can if you want) and use your sled or feet to smooth out an area leading up to it for  your course. Play golf with hockey pucks and hockey sticks for even more fun.

Great idea from: Parents.com


Tug of War

Grab a rope, dig in ankle-deep with your friends and pull your way to victory! Mind the ice and use the snow to your advantage!  

Great idea from: Boys Life


Snowball Fight

And obvious one that will likely start spontaneously (especially after a game of Tug of War). Avoid big chunks of ice (so no one gets hurt) really make sure to pack your snow down so the snowball doesn’t fall apart before impact. You can buy one of those snowball makers, but handmade is more fun. Have the kids make a stockpile in advance to have ample ammo at the ready. And kick this up to the next level by adding a capture the flag element, with teams and two flags you have to get without being pummelled with snow.





Snowshoes may be a little pricey, but they are a great investment. Not only can your kids actually run around outside without falling waist deep in a snow drift, you can also strap the shoes right on to most winter boots and get some great outdoor exercise as a family. Pick a favorite regular hike that you love, visit a path you’ve  or create your own path. You could also use the snowshoes to play a serious game of tag, hide and seek or even get a kickball team together.

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