Fun and Games for You and Your NewbornPlay is a child’s work

Educators and child development experts say that play is a child’s work. It helps children learn about their world and begin to master the skills they’ll need to thrive in it. The Child Welfare League of America says some of the benefits of play include:

  • An outlet for energy
  • A chance to explore the environment
  • Rehearsal for real-life situations
  • The chance to develop concentration and coordination
  • Development of skills
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Skills for building interpersonal relationships, with parents and others

Activities for the wee ones

Here are some things to try:

  • Gym classes: promote large-muscle development 
  • Sing, dance, and bounce to encourage your baby’s sense of rhythm and sound.
  • Yoga: Strike a pose with your baby and work on stretching, massage, and relaxation.
  • Swimming: It’s not really about swimming with real strokes; it’s about teaching your baby to feel comfortable in the water—kicking, splashing, and having fun.
  • Hiking: strap your infant into a baby backpack and get out for a nature walk. Check parks and nature centers around New Jersey for organized group outings.

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