Snowflake Station iPad appSnowflake Station iPad App

As a kid, remember the joy of making paper snowflakes and unfolding them to see your beautiful designs come to life? Snowflake Station, the first title from Mrs. Judd’s Games, brings that fun, hands-on, relatable experience to the iPad. Snowflake Station teaches young children the concept of symmetry, and the key to math, science, and art.

The app offers a realistic setting for children complete with scissors, paper, tape, and colorful glitter. Children are encouraged to fold, cut, decorate, and display their snowflakes. Winter settings and music will warm the chilliest of days.

Every day can be a snow day at Snowflake Station. The app is free itunes for Free App Friday (March 2, 2012); otherwise, it sells for $3.99.

From Mrs. Judd's Games. Frances Judd is an early childhood teacher, concept designer, and educational consultant who brings her unique expertise and passion for creative learning to the KBooM! Games development team.

Do your children like to make paper snowflakes?