Flu season

Cases of influenza are on the uptick in New Jersey.

The Department of Health shows data indicating all regions of our state were at a high activity level for flu for the week ending April 16. Cases of flu first began increasing in December 2021 and remained high through most of January. Now the number of people who’ve tested positive with a rapid flu test has been higher than average since St. Patrick’s Day. Thankfully, hospitalizations for flu have not increased.

The reports for 2021-2022 data began October 9, 2021. The 2020-2021 flu season was actually mild compared with previous years likely due to the fact that people were taking precautions against COVID-19, which also kept the flu at bay.

It’s unusual for flu to spike this time of year, though transmission rates can fluctuate throughout the year. Experts recommend people get a flu shot and get tested for COVID if they have flu-like symptoms. People can get tested for the flu, too, and it’s important to remember that allergies can also cause similar symptoms during the spring. The best way to know what you’re dealing with is to get tested. If you do have the flu, there are certain over-the-counter medications you can take to feel better.

Protocols such as masking, hand washing and social distancing are the best lines of defense to keep both COVID and the flu away.

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