Generation Fit: Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle, Newark Museum, NJFor an overview of the obesity epidemic and access to an easy, fun way to learn how small changes in good nutrition and physical activity can make a big difference in your children’s lives, plan a visit to “Generation Fit: Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle,” a new, 2,000-square-foot interactive family experience at the Newark Museum, opening Nov. 26, two days after Thanksgiving.

“We have designed self-guided, entertaining exhibits about practical nutrition and exercise tools to combat and prevent obesity,” says Dr. Ismael Calderon, director of science at the museum. The goal is to strengthen parents’ and children’s appreciation for healthful eating, exercise, and lifestyle changes. 

Highlights of the exhibit include:

  • Calorie crank to learn how much energy is needed to burn calories.
  • A body scan that shows the relationship between healthy/unhealthy individuals and nutrition and exercise.
  • An animated explanation of how we are wired to eat and why we gain weight.
  • Interactive exhibits on why smells and tastes make us want to eat more junk food; how to construct a nutritious meal; video games with exercise challenges; and exercise equipment to promote the three essentials of good exercise: frequency, intensity, and time.

For more information, visit the Newark Museum’s website, or call 973-596-6650. The museum is located at 49 Washington St., Newark, New Jersey.