Presidents' Day is celebrated this Monday, February 20, and it's the perfect opportunity to make crafts with kids and taking some time to educate our kids about our "founding fathers" and the role of government in general (especially in an election year!). Most notably celebrated on the holiday are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom had February birthdays.

When you're done crafting, play a game giving your kids the chance to be president of your family (for a few hours). Keep a list of the laws they enact and how well they are received by the rest of the "population" (warning—siblings often protest new legislation!).'s Andy Warhol Style Art for Presidents' DayPresidents' Day Andy Warhol Style

This colorful project from has kids paint a picture of George Washington (you can get it here) with watercolors, then cut and mount it on brightly colored construction paper for a quick lesson in Pop Art—in addition to learning a little bit about our first president. Best for ages 2+.

Kaboose's Presidents' Day Powdered WigPresidents' Day Powdered Wigs

Kaboose has directions for making powdered wigs by gluing cotton balls on painters' hats—though it should also work with just a white paper bag underneath that you cut or tear to size. This project is perfect for a class play or to help explain historical dress from "way back when." Best for ages 5+.

Kaboose's Presidents' Day Finger PuppetsPresidents' Day Finger Puppets

This craft, also from Kaboose, is a great introduction to pennies and nickels for young kids. Just follow the easy directions for making a finger puppet featuring a penny for Lincoln's face and a nickel for George Washington's face. Best for ages 4+.

Martha Stewart's Presidents' Day Log CabinPresidents' Day Log Cabin

Martha Stewart tells you how to make Lincoln's log cabin out of an old (rinsed and cleaned!) milk carton, peanut butter, pretzels, and graham crackers. A fun do-it-yourself project for kids and adults to work on together, or for older kids to build on their own.

What crafts, activities, or projects do you enjoy doing with your kids in honor of Presidents' Day? If you need more inspiration, check out our Presidents' Day Pinterest board