Easter is less than two weeks away and with non-essential stores closed due to COVID-19, you’re likely thinking about how to make sure the Easter Bunny will make it to your house in time. We found 10 non-edible treats you can buy online that should arrive at your door before Easter Sunday!

bunch o balloons

Crazy Bunch O Balloons Water 
$7.97, amazon
This colorful pack allows the kids to fill and tie 100 water balloons in 60 seconds. It’ll add the perfect bit of excitement to quarantine life in your backyard.


dino egg


Dino Smashers Epic Egg
$24.97, walmart.com

Unwrap the shrink-wrap, smash open the giant egg and use a  scratch n’ reveal map to discover clues to find the fossils inside. The mega egg comes with lots of treats including an epic dino egg, dino scratch map, 5 compounds, digging tool and more.


Cotton Candy Cuties
$9.88, walmart.com
This cotton candy fluffy slime looks so real. This scented, squishy foam comes in four colors. Each contains a collectible slow rise squishy toy.



Fuzzikins Cottontail Cottage
39.49, walmart.com
Fuzzikins are 3D fuzzy animals covered in white flocking that come with special washable markers that the kids can use to design, color and decorate their new animal friends. Just place them under running water after coloring to have a brand new pet.


fairy garden

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage
$19.97, walmart.com

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage is a flowerpot that comes with everything you need to plant a magical garden for fairies: watering can, gardening tools, soil, seeds, and a cottage to house the fairy and her friends.


face paint 


Face Paintoos Wild Pack
$9.99, amazon
Easy to apply and easy to clean, Face Paintoos gives kids professional face paint in minutes, taking dress-up to a whole new level.




Zangle Card Game
$8.50, amazon.com
Find a Zangle with two or more cards to make the shape on another card. You can twist, flip or spin your cards to find the best angle to make your Zangle.



SET card game
$10.28, walmart.com
In SET, players compete simultaneously and try to claim sets of cards in a single pass through the deck. A set consists of three cards that are either all alike or all different in each attribute. Whoever claims the most sets wins. 



Baby Shark SlimyGloops Mix Ems
$5.99, amazon
Transform ordinary SLIMYGLOOP by mixing in fun and sparkly Baby Shark theme add-ins like shiny glitter.


Art Creations

Baby Shark Bath Art Creations
$16.99, amazon.com
Watch your little ones get excited to color, paint and draw fun artwork during bath time. Added bonus: The paint washes off easily.