Just when we finally got through the bottle flipping obsession (good sweet riddance to that), there’s a new craze among kids everywhere. Chances are your kid either has, is asking for or is seeing fidget spinners every. Single. Day.‚Äč

Originally designed to help students and adults manage stress and help kids with ADHD and autism focus, they've now become the hot it toy. Kids are all about spinning the hand-held toys to see how fast they turn and comparing colors.

Last year, schools around the country banned water bottles because they were a huge distraction in the classroom. Now the popular fidget spinners may be the next on the chopping block. The spinners are little triangle-shaped devices with three separate wheels that the kids can turn. Fidget cubes are tiny hand-held boxes with multiple buttons and switches, that kids can click, or roll, much like the click of a pen.

Both have become majorly disruptive to teachers. Our Facebook feed is filled with annoyed teachers who’ve taken the spinners away from kids unless it’s part of their specifically designated learning plan. The toys have spawned a bunch of stories, too (warning, some are filled with language that's NSFW) from Working Mother and Scary Mommy.

That said, the spinners are a ton of fun and we’re guessing you'll probably want one for yourself so you don't have to steal your kids. But they’re definitely best left at home during the school day.