We love our parent-nominated list of New Jersey’s Favorite Kids’ Docs because they are recommended by you! And these are the dentists and orthodontists who were our top vote getters in 2020.

  1. Melissa Burruezo, DMD
    Pediatric Dentist, Bedminster
  2. Robert Peterman, DMD
    Orthodontist, Hillsborough/Somerville
  3. Daniel Akkaway, DDS
    Orthodontist, Kinnelon, West Milford
  4. Melissa Roberto, DMD
    Orthodontist, Rockaway
  5. DawnMarie DiGrazia, DMD
    Dentist, Somerville
  6. Jennifer Sunkin, DMD
    Dentist, Englewood Cliffs
  7. Christina Carter, DMD
    Pediatric Dentist, Morristown
  8. Jason Rosenfeld, DMD
    Pediatric Dentist, Butler
  9. Danielle Zeifman, DDS
    Orthodontist, Florham Park
  10. Anthony Caramico, DMD
    Dentist, Midland Park
  11. Shari Summers, DMD
    Pediatric Dentist, Livingston
  12. Laurene Wolf, DMD
    Orthodontist, HIllsborough
  13. Hassam Sultan, DMD, MS 
    Pediatric Dentist, Clifton
  14. Kimberly Hollywood, DMD
    Pediatric Dentist, Nutley
  15. John Chang, DDS
    Pediatric Dentist, Livingston

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