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Papasikos Orthodontics

Arianna Papasikos, DMD, MBA; Jacy Papasikos, DMD, MS

Specialty: Orthodontics

Left to right: Drs. Jacy and Arianna Papasikos

The brother and sister team at Papasikos Orthodontics is committed to providing patients with a personalized journey towards their ideal smile. Drs. Jacy and Arianna Papasikos offer braces and Invisalign treatment in a family-friendly environment, and practice a “tell, show, do” approach to keep patients engaged and at ease throughout their treatment.

“As a small family practice, we go above and beyond to accommodate families and communicate with patients,” says Dr. Jacy, a father of two-year-old twins. “Both of us are directly available to patients via our cell phones, and remain in close contact throughout the treatment process—we’re there for our patients 24/7.”

Combining Simplicity with Innovation

Drs. Jacy and Arianna believe simplicity combined with innovation is the fastest, most efficient way to a beautiful smile. The high-tech office offers private, individual treatment rooms and the latest technology, including 3-D digital molds and X-rays, to maximize comfort and reduce office visits. The practice offers complimentary consultations with 3-D scans that allow patients to preview their future smile. For convenience and flexibility, virtual consultations are also being offered.

Convenient and Affordable Treatments

Drs. Jacy and Arianna both spent additional years specializing in orthodontics and are highly experienced in treating complex orthodontic cases. As the only Top 1% Diamond Invisalign provider in Montclair, the practice is equipped to handle more advanced cases other practices may not have the experience to treat. They offer affordable and flexible payment plans and accept major insurances.

“We pride ourselves not just on treating teeth, but building relationships with families and helping our patients transform their smile,” says Dr. Arianna, a mother of three.


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"Dr. Arianna is super sweet, child friendly, very professional and accommodating. All 3 of my kids had their work done by her. " E.L., New York

"My kids always look forward to see Dr. Jacy Papasikos for their appointments. He is very child friendly, fun, super professional and accommodating. " E.L., New York