While school districts across the state prepare for fall in-person, hybrid or remote learning, they will have one additional component to keep in mind. Governor Murphy announced today during his press conference that all students will be required to wear face coverings at all times while they are at school. 

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In the earlier guidelines from the state, face coverings were strongly encouraged, but now they will be mandatory except for when it would inhibit an individual’s health. The updated guidance being provided to the DOE allows for exceptions for students with disabilities. If you’re worried your kid will have trouble keeping a mask on for hours at a time, be sure to read these genius tips to build their mask endurance.

“This tightens the requirements we have previously put in place which at that point made a strong recommendation for face coverings for students, but would have only required them in crowded places like hallways,” explained Murphy in his press conference. “We know that face coverings work and will now ensure that everyone in the school building will wear one.” 

The initial recommendation was based on data from the time, but the new requirements are based on the current evidence about face coverings and their effectiveness. 

Additionally, the NJ Department of Education will be sharing a checklist for districts, and a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to school districts to help answer some of the logistical questions that many administrators have been asking.

Has your school district released its plan yet? Will you be sending your child back to school for in-person learning? Tell us in the comments.

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