New Jersey SEA LIFE® Aquarium

New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium‘s first new creature is an Australian native endangered species called a  Napoleon Wrasse. The green-blue Napoleon Wrasse weighs 20 pounds now but can grow to close to 400 pounds and 6 feet long.

The Aquarium did a naming contest on Instagram and the name ‘Wasabi’ won! Samantha DeVivo, Aquarist at New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium submitted the name. “Not only is the Napoleon Wrasse green like wasabi, but he also has a very spicy personality,” says DeVivo. Her favorite thing about him is that his eyes move independently from each other. So, no matter where you are standing, he is always watching.

Napoleon Wrasse is the largest member of the Wrasse family. They have a large “hump” on their head giving them the nickname “hump head wrasse.” They are an endangered species that are important to coral reef health. They eat marine invertebrates, one being the crown-of-thorns starfish. Since this starfish eats coral, it is a major factor in coral loss (under good conditions). Having a predator to deter overabundance is very important.

New Jersey SEA LIFE® Aquarium

SEA LIFE Aquarium at American Dream in East Rutherford is 25,000 square feet and home to more than 3,000 undersea creatures. The showpiece of the space is its 186,000-gallon tank, which has a large underwater tunnel, and features famous NY landmarks with more punny fish names, like the Empire Skate.

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