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Spirit of Math® is Canada’s premier after-school education for high-performing students. With over 30 years of experience, we have made it our mission to take students from the top of the class to the top of the world.

About our Edison Campus: 

Our Edison Campus is situated in the heart of Metuchen, New Jersey. At the moment, we cater to students in Grades 2, 4, 5 and 6. At our Edison Campus, you will find a community of dedicated teachers and parents working closely together with our students to help inspire confidence and promote group collaboration. We have made it our mission to release the genius in every child. Our teachers at the Edison Campus are extremely well accomplished with certifications in education programs from renowned universities in the United States. In addition, our teachers have gone through 100+ hours of exclusive and extensive Spirit of Math Teacher Training. Our students love math challenges, solving problems and are eager to come to class each week to advance their math skills. Many of our students compete in several different international math contests and are proud to be placed on the Honor Roll year after year.

Program Overview:

Creating Problem Solvers of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Since the 1980s, Spirit of Math® has been offering a balanced, comprehensive curriculum that captures the essence, or “spirit”, of math. Spirit of Math challenges students by introducing them to important math concepts and giving them the foundation to tackle increasingly complex topics. We believe that the key differences between Spirit of Math and other programs are our 4 key elements which include drill (building fluency and automaticity), core curriculum (skills, knowledge and concepts), problem solving (reasoning, logical thinking and imagination), and collaborative group work. This ensures that students properly learn and practice skills, develop an in-depth understanding of the material and have an opportunity to apply their understanding, skills and imagination to solving problems while learning with others.

To learn more, visit: spiritofmath.com

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