HudsonWay Immersion School

DIRECTOR: Tracie Xiong

249 Bebout Ave, Stirling, NJ, 7980



  • Elementary
  • Kindergarten
  • Pre-K
  • Preschool

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HudsonWay Immersion School is an independent day school providing preschool and K-5 curriculum in a full Mandarin/English or Spanish/English language immersion model. Our distinct program offers challenging academics with unique exposure to authentic cultural experiences. Highly experienced educational leaders are native speakers and fluent in the best practices of immersion. All content areas including language arts, science, math, and social studies are taught in both languages. HWIS students consistently outperform gifted and talented public-school programs and independent schools across all subject areas, at every grade level. We believe Bilingual Students Become Brilliant Adults . Visit us for an information session to learn how your child can benefit from an immersion education: