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Did you know that fewer than one in five men in the US are offered any paid paternity leave? Dove wants to take steps to change that by pushing to make paid paternity leave the new norm. The company’s first step? The Paternity Leave Fund.

Dove Men+Care has committed $1 million to funding paid paternity time for dads across the US for the next two years. New dads without access to paid leave can apply for $5,000 grants online by filling out a brief application and answering a few open-ended questions (like “What do you hope to accomplish during your paternity leave and why?” and “What does being a caring dad mean to you today, and what do you want your legacy as a caring dad to be?”).

Applicants also need to first sign Dove’s online Pledge for Paternity Leave. Dads and dads-to-be pledge to take their full leave, allies pledge to support and endorse parental leave policies and businesses pledge to uphold and enact paternity leave policies. The pledge and grants are meant to show the familial and community benefits of paternity leave in an effort to make it the new national standard.