Girl blowing bubbles using homemade bubble solutionIt's really easy to make a lot of children's arts and crafts supplies yourself. Not only is it much cheaper than buying them in a store, but it's really fun to work with your kids to create the supplies you'll use for future craft projects.

Here are five easy do-it-yourself craft supply recipes:

Bathtub Paints

Using just two ingredients, make bathtub paints in a variety of fun colors—it's the perfect thing to make bath time inviting for toddlers and preschoolers.

Bubble Solution

This recipe requires glycerin, which can sometimes be difficult to find, but making your own bubbles makes it possible for you to have quantities large enough for your kids to experiment with making giant bubbles, and still have enough left over to share with the neighbors.

Play Clay

Homemade Play Doh has a great texture, and when you make it yourself you can also give children the chance to explore mixing and creating their own colors. We add glitter to ours, too.


Make your own watercolors in a Styrofoam egg container. This project is particularly good concoction for kids to help you make, as the combination of ingredients creates fizzing fun.

Puffy Glimmer Paints

Follow this simple recipe to create puffy paints that glimmer and shine when they dry.

We've got lots more ideas for DIY homemade arts and crafts supplies on Pinterest—check out our Homemade Crafts Supplies/DIY Board. You'll find directions for sidewalk paint, cloud dough, and lots more.

Do you have a favorite art supply you make yourself? Please share!