team snacksUpdated August 2013

The kids are back in school, and that means it's time not only to get back to making breakfasts and packing lunches—it’s also time to come up with ideas for kid-friendly after-school snacks. Here are five ideas for fun and healthy after-school snacks that kids will love:

1. Take a regular boiled egg and make it fun by adding eyes and a beak for Chickie Eggs.

2. Make Fruit Kabobs or—even better—have kids make these healthy snacks all by themselves.

3. Blend homemade smoothies: these recipes all have no more than six ingredients.

4. Air-pop some popcorn as the main ingredient for these four versions of Healthy Popcorn Balls.

5. Bake Kid-Friendly Veggie Muffins using pureed vegetables. These are so yummy, you don't even need to let the kids know the "secret" ingredient.

If you need to make snacks for a group, check out our ideas for Team Snacks, as well as our Pinterest boards with more snack ideas to please even the pickiest kids.

Do your kids have a favorite after-school snack? Please let us know in the comments below!