cup for elijahThe Passover story tells us that every year the prophet Elijah visits every Jewish home on the night of the Seder; many families will even open the door to await his arrival. He will take a few sips from a special goblet filled with red wine that’s waiting at the table just for him.

The kids can contribute to the holiday table by making a decorative cup for Elijah (Kos Shel Eliyahu). Kids of all ages can work together to make it special.


  1. Start with a plastic wine glass or goblet, which you can buy at a party supply store.
  2. Then give the kids self-adhesive rhinestones and stickers to embellish it. Older children can use Sharpies to draw designs or write the name Elijah on the cup.
  3. To commemorate this year’s celebration, write on it: Passover 2014, or Pesach 5774.

While there only needs to be one cup for Elijah, each child can make his own drinking container for the traditional four cups of wine (or in their case, grape juice) during the Seder meal. Just make sure the embellishments are not too close to the top of the cup.