End of Year School PhotoAnother school year is coming to a close, and while it's often commemorated with parties, certificates, and end-of-year-performances, it's also nice to take a photo so you have a long-lasting memory.

For a special last day of school pictures, try one of these clever ideas for taking a photo of your child. Have him/her:

And if you're a digital person, another fun idea is to add titles and captions after the photo is taken using photo software. In addition to including basic information like age and grade, you could also add personal stats about your child, such as his favorite class, book, song, food, etc. Another great idea is to add what your child wants to be when she grows up.

We have lots more ideas on our Pinterest Board for the last day of school as well as the first day as well as other important milestones, too!

Please share your clever ideas on taking end-of-year school photos (or beginning of the year!)!