craft activity box kiwi crateAre you kids crafty? Curious? Do they like science experiments or art projects? Do they love to learn and create? Instead of making multiple trips to the craft store for all kinds of paper, glue, and other supplies, have everything you need shipped right to your door, every month. Check out these monthly subscriptions for hands-on activity box fun:

Babba Box comes with a book and supplies for 2-3 projects. Ages 3-6, $39.99

Citrus Lane boxes are based on age and season; some even include a “mom treat.” Ages 0-3, $25

Kiwi Crate has everything needed for 2-3 projects. Ages 3-7, $19.95; additional “no-fighting” supplies are $7.95 

Wonder Box includes supplies for three projects plus “extra treats.” Ages 3-6, $30