nj babyFrom the moment a woman finds out she’s going to be a mother, there is nothing more breath-taking, more thrilling… or more petrifying. The teeniest of creatures has already begun counting on you—and this will be your primary job for the rest of your life. Humbling, huh?

I recall vividly the tiny, red “+” signs for both of my boys, and waiting anxious weeks to hear their heartbeats. Once reasonably assured that we were in the clear in both cases, my anxiety turned to excitement. For months, everyone celebrated, from our nearest and dearest to strangers on the street. (Has a random person touched your belly yet?) 

This is your time—from the preparations to the delivery to nesting and onwards through the various stages of growth. We hope the information we provide for you will put your mind at ease, so that you can relax and enjoy this beautiful, yet fleeting, time.

I’m now in the full-on “toddler trials” phase of parenting (one’s 4, the other almost 2). But I concur with billions before me that this is the most satisfying endeavor. Ever. 

Congratulations… You’re a Mommy!

—Judy Grover, NJ Baby Editor