If you’re planning to hop on a plane next year, you’ll need more than your state driver’s license to get through security, because your current NJ license isn’t secure enough. Come October 1, 2020, those who don’t have a passport or military ID with them won’t get by with just a driver’s license for domestic flights. Instead, they’ll have to show a REAL ID. Meaning, even if your license is valid for two more years, you’ll need a new one, and soon.

The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will begin issuing REAL ID licenses and ID cards this spring so you’ll be ready by the time the new regulations go into effect. REAL ID’s purpose is to standardize the level of ID requirements from state to state, and to make it tougher for people to use fraudulent ID. The REAL ID law went into effect in 2005, and The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just recently extended NJ’s deadline to comply.

You need to go in person to the MVC if you do in fact need a REAL ID, so to help shorten those dreaded lines, NJ is making other transactions available online, like registrations and standard license renewals. Guidelines will be posted so you can see if you need a REAL ID, what documents to bring (yup, you need 6 points of identification just like at the DMV), which MVC agencies have the shortest wait time and more.

Visit or the DHS website for more information, or follow the MVC on Facebook for updates.

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