Celebrate a Half Birthday 

Acknowledge their actual birth date in a small way, but move their big celebration up by six months. Most kids will be thrilled to suddenly have a summer birthday with possibilities of pool parties and backyard bouncy houses and the added benefit of being “older” earlier. Plus, it’s kind of like having two birthdays and that’s awesome.

Give Them Something Worth Waiting For

Plan an extra special treat a few months after their birthday—something experiential, maybe tickets to a show or a weekend away at an indoor waterpark—and really give them something to look forward to. 

Party in January 

Move their friend-filled festivities back a few weeks. Instead of trying to cram a party in between Hanukkah and Christmas chaos (when lots of his friends may not be able to make it), move their big celebration to mid-January when everyone’s itching for an excuse to get out of the house and do something fun. 

Proceed as Usual

Chances are many members of your family are already gathering for the holidays, some from afar, so fold your kids’ party into your Christmas or New Year’s celebrations and make it a bash! On New Year’s Eve, sing a special round of “Happy Birthday” at midnight, or skip the Christmas cookies and bring out an awesome birthday cake. (No one is ever going to say no to extra cake.)Just make sure your kid gets two times the presents. It’s only fair.