As parents try to keep up with the latest information on COVID and protecting our families, one place we know we can always turn to is the CDC. But yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement saying that some information on its website was incorrect.


“A draft version of proposed changes to these recommendations was posted in error to the agency’s official website,” read a statement on the CDC website. “CDC is currently updating its recommendations regarding airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Once this process has been completed, the updated language will be posted.”

The language in question had to do with how long COVID stays in the air and whether it can travel further than 6 feet, which was the previous guideline for exposure.

If COVID can stay in the air and travel further than six feet, this calls into question many of the indoor activities that have slowly resumed in New Jersey as part of Phase 3 including the opening of indoor dining, movie theaters and gyms.

Some parents are eager to know if singing in a music class could potentially spread the virus.

The CDC says they are still learning more about the virus and how it is spread. While we wait to hear the updated recommendations, there are some things everyone can do to stop the spread.

You can do your part to prevent illness by avoiding contact with those who are infected with the virus. Maintain 6 feet social distancing from others, wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face and as always, wear a mask when around other people.