Ah, babies. Those little angels who turn us into a puddle of mush with every smile. Those precious sweet peas who have given our lives new purpose. Those tiny cherubs who have wreaked freaking havoc on our bodies.

Whether it’s been five months or five years since you’ve given birth, dropping those lingering pounds is never, ever easy.

We paired seven New Jersey moms dissatisfied with their post-baby bods with a weight loss program that best fit their lifestyles and gave them eight weeks to try it out.

Everyone who took on our challenge journaled their ups and downs along the way and achieved incredible results!


Lila Roldan

See what Lila looks like now! 

Ashley Carter

See what Ashley looks like now! 

Christina Cubillo

See what Christine looks like now! 

Erica Thomas

See what Erica looks like now! 

Monica Haley

See what Monica looks like now! 

Megan Blau

See what Megan looks like now! 

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