Bye-Bye, Baby Weight: Megan Blau

Megan Blau StatsWith a daily commute into New York City and two young boys at home, Megan’s busy schedule left her with no time to lose the pregnancy weight she’s held onto for five years. We paired her with LifeTime Fitness in Montvale to achieve her goals. “I am super excited to begin my workouts,” she wrote before starting the program. But in the back of my mind I have a recurring thought that everyone else there will probably be fit as a fiddle. Will they look down on an out of shape mother of two? Will it be weird to wear an oversize T-shirt rather than form-fitting workout gear?”

She faced her fears during week one, by discussing her weight loss goals with a nutritionist and a personal trainer and taking an in-person metabolic test, a screening provided to most members so trainers can help them map out the workout and meal plans that are best for them. 

In addition to a weekly nutrition and personal training session, Megan truly took advantage of LifeTime’s myriad group classes, attending one or two classes a week. She tried aqua cardio, Zumba, spinning, yoga and even a hip-hop dance class—all of which were completely new to her. Prior to each class she introduced herself to the teachers, explaining she was a rookie, and each time she was met with kindness and encouragement. “After [spinning], the skinny instructor told me that she had been heavier when she started cycling, and I left the class feeling inspired by her story and dedication.”

During her personal training sessions, Megan often focused on abs. “I totally, totally need to work on my abs, but I totally, totally hate to work on my abs. I literally cannot do a sit up, and I break out in a sweat just thinking about it.” Often leaving feeling sore but victorious, Megan added, “The thing about working out with a trainer is that I can’t just walk away and turn on The Real Housewives, like I would do if I were on my own.”

While she did make some lifestyle adjustments, like eating fewer carbs and trying to go to bed earlier (more sleep equals more energy!), Megan found the exercise portion of her program to be the most rewarding. “My experience has been life changing. I’ve learned so much about fitness and what sort of exercise I enjoy. I found committing to exercise each week made me a calmer, more patient parent.”

Megan’s supportive husband was a huge factor in her success, as were her kids, who joined her for dips in the pool and took kickball classes at the Kids Academy. “They had a blast shaping up—we all did!”

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