Bye-Bye, Baby Weight: Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter StatsThe quote that kept working-mom Ashley inspired throughout her weight loss journey? “Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” Initially, Ashley’s biggest challenges were “eating healthy with a 3 year old who loves snacks” and “turning down my favorite foods.”

We paired Ashley with a weight loss counselor from Nutrisystem who helped her create custom menus and checked in weekly to answer questions and keep her focused. Ashley loved that she could eat her favorite foods in moderation and thought the frozen lunches were amazing.

Beating obstacles

Ashley faced several hurdles throughout her weight loss journey. First up: a friend’s wedding. The endless hors d’oeuvres, open bar and cake would have been major trip-ups in the past. This time Ashley ate tons of veggies ahead of time so she didn’t arrive hungry, and she beelined for healthy apps (which meant she could have a small slice of cake at the end).

Another challenge? Finding the time to exercise. After missing several planned trips to the gym, Ashley downloaded the free Daily Workouts–Personal Trainer for a Quick Workout app for her iPad. Three to four times a week, Ashley would wake up 30 minutes earlier to do core workouts at home. “This was a great jumpstart to getting back in the groove of exercising,” she said.

Seeing results

A big milestone came for Ashley on week five: “I tried on a pair of jeans I wasn’t able to button a few months ago and they fit! I buttoned them and had room to breathe.” Another victory? When eating out with colleagues, Ashley asked for a to-go container as soon as her dish came out and wrapped up half of the meal. “I am truly learning the importance of portion control.”

At the end of her journey—15 pounds lighter!—Ashley said she found the challenge and the support to be the best parts of the experience. “Each week I wanted to see results,” she said, adding that her boyfriend of seven years was her biggest fan. “He was the first to notice the weight loss, even before me!”

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