Shhh! by Valeri GorbachevShhh! by Valeri Gorbachev (Philomel, 2011) is an explanation of how and why older siblings must stay quiet during a younger sibling’s naptime. The book helps little kids understand there is a time for both noise and silence.  Through the context of a young boy shushing his toys, Gorbachev gives children examples of how to make the elusive concept of consideration of others come to life. The illustrations of various play scenes are quite charming. Ages 3–5; $16.99. 

Red Redmond and the Great Plane AdventureRed Raymond and the Great Plane Adventure (Furfine, 2012), by Earl M. Furfine, offers another glimpse at ways kids can make sense of the world around them. This fun how-it-works guide teaches children about riding a plane through the experience of auburn-haired Red and his dog, Pilot. With 30 years of piloting experience, Furfine aims to allay the flying fears of his readers; a great story for first-time flyers 
everywhere. Ages 2–7; $19.95.