Big Blue Marble Academy’s (BBMA) Passport to Adventure Club is a high-energy, fun-filled summer camp. The full-day camp takes global learning to a deeper level through hands-on and multi-sensory experiences, virtual field trips, interactive interest-based clubs and world language learning.

Open to school-age children, BBMA’s summer camp combines fun and learning, and allows campers to create lasting memories and lifelong friendships. The summer theme is also incorporated into the preschool program with on-site activities. “Our exciting summer camp takes global learning to the next level,” says Center Director Brittany Feliciano.

This summer’s theme is “More than Music Global Music Tour.” Campers will navigate their way around the globe as they explore musical artists from different countries while participating in educational experiences designed to develop their knowledge and physical, language, communication, cognitive (STEAM), social and emotional skills. Themed camp activities include STEAM, music, drama and art, sports and field trips. The camp also invites vendors to provide special events ranging from bubble shows to reptile presentations. “Whether it’s a field trip to a bowling alley or pool, or participating in an on-site program taught by a local art teacher, everything is very hands-on and the children always have a great time,” Feliciano says.

BBMA also upholds its ongoing commitment to service all summer; last year, campers worked together to create materials and help educate the community about Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a pediatric cancer charity. “We strive to instill a passion for community service in children starting at a young age,” she says. 

2177 Oak Tree Rd., Ste. 100, Edison