Alphabet Kids Book SeriesIn the Alphabet Kids series (Toychest Interactive Products, 2010), Isaac, Elena, Yang, Allegra, Umar, and Oni are part of a diverse group of friends experiencing the world with different cultural perspectives. The series celebrates diversity by giving each character a themed story, sending the message that children of all backgrounds can be best friends. Each book features foreign-language phrases of the book’s themed culture, complete with a pronunciation key. For every book you buy, Alphabet Kids will donate a book to a reader in need. For online activities, visit the Alphabet Kids website. Ages 2-8, $12 per six-book set. 

The Rock & Roll AlphabetThe Rock & Roll Alphabet by Jeffrey Schwartz (Mojo Hand LLC, 2011) is an ABC book even a hipster could love. With photography by the late Chuck Boyd, this alphabet rhyme will get your little rocker reading while learning about great musicians of the past. It’s sure to be a hit for music lovers of all ages. All ages, $14.95.

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