Help get the kids more into fitness by making it fun. These activity trackers are just for them and perfect for their little wrists. 

Blast Off

Parents set activity goals and kids use the corresponding app to explore in a virtual spaceship powered by their steps. Ibitz Kids PowerKey, ages 5 and up. $34.99,

Challenge Accepted

This one-size-fits-all sleep and activity tracker goes on like a slap bracelet and engages kids with daily games where the difficulty level goes up over time. X-Doria KidFit, ages 5–13. $49.99,

Like the Big Kids

Get her the band Mom and Dad already use. Link your profiles so you can monitor her movement and keep her motivated along the way. Nike Fuelband, ages 8 and up. $79,

All in the Family 

This wearable makes staying healthy a social thing. Family members can use the app to send “high-fives” and compete in head-to-head challenges that keep everyone on track. Sqord Booster, ages 6 and up. $34.95,

His First Pet

Kids pick their own virtual pet and then “jump like a frog” or “walk like a crab” with this perfect-for-preschool band. Leapband, ages 4–7. $29.99, 

Dive In

Big kids can monitor fitness activities over five days without charging the battery. Since it’s totally waterproof, it’s also safe for swim practice. Polar A300, ages 8 and up. $69.95,

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