As you feed, clothe, and care for your baby, there’s never a better time to pay attention to the environment and the earth’s natural resources—from what you put on your child’s back to her bottom.

On the racks

One of the softest fabrics for a baby’s skin, 100 percent organic cotton, is eco-friendly to boot. Other natural fabrics include bamboo and hemp. An even greener, more economical choice? Hand-me-downs.

Natural Soothers

Feeding baby a mommy’s-milk slushy or some chilled oatmeal can be refreshing and soothing. To satiate baby’s need to chew, offer a natural wooden or rubber teether made only with non-toxic paints. For baby’s other toys, stick with sustainable companies, and avoid any plastics that don’t have a BPA-free label.

Green Protection

According to the Environmental Working Group, the healthiest choice for sunscreen contains zinc, titanium, and not much else. When choosing a bug spray, look for ingredients that are natural bug deterrents, such as citronella. Because some rash creams may damage cloth diapers, select natural rash remedies.  These products usually contain essential
oils and herbs, and their cloth-friendly status is indicated on the packaging.

Bottoms Up

Cloth diapers are the greenest diaper choice because they don’t crowd landfills. Modern, bold-colored cloth diapers close with snaps or Velcro, so they function like a disposable. For diaper laundry, choose a detergent without brighteners, enzymes, or deodorants. When you use disposables, try chlorine-free diapers made from natural wood pulp.

Go Homemade

Shop at your local farmers’ market for in-season, organic produce, and make baby’s dinner yourself. Most fruits and veggies can be steamed or baked, then pureed with water. Bananas and avocados simply need to be mashed.
Of course, breastfeeding is by far the greenest food choice of all; nursing is completely natural, and it doesn’t have a carbon footprint!

—Erin Bernard, Source:

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