PinterestPinterest is the coolest new thing sweeping the web. It is a virtual “pinboard” of things people, mainly women, love. Users create their own pinboards to plan their weddings, share decorating ideas, offer amazing DIY projects, and show off recipes that make Martha Stewart look like a bag lady. The only catch is, you have to be invited. Of course this makes Pinterest all the more desirable.

I was invited yesterday and sucked into this vortex of goodness. You see, unlike Facebook and Twitter, there are no “noisy” rants or updates about how someone feels or who cut them off at the mall. Instead, Pinterest is quietly beautiful and trendy. So, for the first several hours I browsed other people’s pinboards and lost myself in the visuals. I saw funky outfits and shoes, crafts for the kids, pictures of exotic places, and roughly 42 recipes I just have to make immediately. In fact, by the time I tore myself away from the boards, I was so thoroughly inspired I believed I could do anything. I even convinced myself I could sew!

But there are a few downsides to this site:

  1. Some of the pins are entirely too crafty for a person who has children, a job, or a life.
  2. Compared to the other mothers on here (eyes on you lady who makes heart-shaped crayons) I am failing miserably.
  3. It is now clear that I am poor, lazy, and unadventurous.

Yet I don’t care. I am officially an addict. And some day, when I hit the lottery, buy a glue gun, and learn how to sew, I plan to be just as Pinteresting as the rest of the people here!

(If you need an invitation, send Lucy your email address.)

Tell us about your Pinterest addiction! And, leave your Pinterest URL, so we can follow your pin boards!