For more than 60 years, Appel Farm Arts Camp has sparked the imaginations of thousands of young people from around the world in beautiful, rural southern New Jersey.

An overnight summer arts camp for ages 8 to 16, Appel Farm provides a safe space for campers to be themselves and explore art free of judgment where safety, community, personal growth and fun are valued.

Small class sizes that engage mixed-age groups are available in music, theater, technical theater, dance, visual arts, photography, media arts, environmental arts, creative writing, sports and swim. Campers also enjoy free time, workshops, trips, campfires, performances and special events.

Appel Farm works to be an explicitly anti-racist, anti-sexist, trauma-informed, trans-inclusive and gender-affirming space for both staff and campers. “We’re a place where kids can come to be themselves,” says Tanner Rushing, assistant camp director. “Whether a child is the star of their school’s drama club or they’ve never picked up a paintbrush, they will feel comfortable and supported here at Appel Farm.” Community is one of the core values at Appel Farm; campers are taught to be kind and support each other.

Campers and parents alike appreciate the autonomy campers are given over their art and portions of their schedule. “During their free time, kids may be running lines, jamming on the picnic tables, swimming in the pool or playing gaga,” Rushing says. “Our goal is to ignite creativity, kindness and confidence in our campers. Watching campers grow and become more confident, more empathetic and more independent as artists and people is a truly magical thing to witness.”

457 Shirley Rd., Elmer