We all have strong feelings about Halloween candy. Some people prefer chocolate treats to the fruity, gummy candies. Some live for candy corn season while others just don’t get it. Now a new study from Zippia has revealed the top Halloween candy choices in each state, and the results for NJ may surprise you!

This year, Starburst was overthrown by Kit Kat and Twix, which came out on top for overall favorite candies. When it comes to chocolate or non-chocolate candy, chocoholics edged out the competition (but only by a narrow margin). Twenty-eight states went for chocolate candies while 22 chose candies of the non-chocolate variety.


The study used Google Trends to determine the results and looked at 50 popular (and in some cases, unpopular) candies. For example, the search for Runts was incredibly high in Tennessee while the people of Oklahoma are apparently obsessed with Circus Peanuts. Here in NJ, Sour Patch Kids took the title of favorite candy. And while you might be thinking that’s a taste only a kid could love, our neighbors in Pennsylvania went with the very sweet Good n’ Plenty. New York, on the other hand, knows the pleasures of Reese’s Pieces while Connecticut went with the much-beloved Kit Kat.

Read on for all 50 states’ choices and click here to learn more about the study.

State Favorite Candy
Alabama Skittles
Alaska Milky Way
Arizona Kit Kat
Arkansas Skittles
California Jolly Rancher Hard Candy
Colorado Black Liquorice
Connecticut Kit Kat
Delaware Smarties
District of Columbia Sour Patch Kids
Florida Jolly Rancher Hard Candy
Georgia Skittles
Hawaii Crunch
Idaho Dum Dums
Illinois AirHeads
Indiana Peanut M&Ms
Iowa Tootsie Pop
Kansas Peanut M&Ms
Kentucky 100 grand bar
Louisiana Starburst
Maine Dum Dums
Maryland Kit Kat
Massachusetts Twix
Michigan Kit Kat
Minnesota Twix
Mississippi Dum Dums
Missouri 100 grand bar
Montana Baby Ruth
Nebraska Tootsie Pop
Nevada Nerds
New Hampshire Milky Way
New Jersey Sour Patch Kids
New Mexico Kit Kat
New York Reese’s pieces
North Carolina Twix
North Dakota Whoppers
Ohio Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Oklahoma Circus peanut
Oregon 100 grand bar
Pennsylvania Good And Plenty
Rhode Island Heath bar
South Carolina Sour Patch Kids
South Dakota Snickers
Tennessee Runts
Texas Jolly Rancher Hard Candy
Utah Twix
Vermont 3 Musketeers
Virginia Reese’s pieces
Washington Nerds
West Virginia Candy corn
Wisconsin Twix
Wyoming Swedish Fish