Meet Disney Wish—the newest ship from Disney Cruise Line, where there’s enchantment everywhere you turn. Board the famed cruise line and you’ll experience  fantastical worlds and beloved characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars™ and Pixar, all brought to life.

What do you know so far about the Disney Wish?

The Disney Wish is going to be an immersive cruise experience designed for guests of all ages. Disney is planning to bring us into some of the worlds we dream about including Frozen’s Arendelle, Toy Story, Marvel and Star Wars while aboard the ship. I’m expecting Disney to immerse us into these worlds by way of the food, beverages, shows, technology and interactions with the cast member perhaps acting out an adventure from the minute we board. Just as Disney has brought to life a fully immersive Star Wars experience with the Galactic Starcruiser, I believe we will be exported to these worlds in many parts of the ship and I think it’s going to be amazing!

“Every Disney Cruise Line ship is a living theater that offers spectacular entertainment experiences from bow to stern,” said Jim Urry, vice president, entertainment and port adventures, Disney Cruise Line. “The Disney Wish will build on that foundation with imaginative entertainment venues where storytelling and technology take center stage, creating dazzling environments that will make emotional connections with guests of all ages and even become supporting characters in the shows.”

Why do you think sailing on the Wish will be different than any other vacation experience?

Sailing on the Wish will be totally different than many other experiences because of the immersive entertainment combined with all that a Disney Cruise Line ship is well known for from amazing Broadway-style shows and delicious food options galore to spacious accommodations, all combined with a sophisticated level of engagement for everyone.

The ship will have many “firsts” that will contribute to the cruise experience!

  • First Disney attraction at sea AquaMouse! A family water attraction with Mickey & Minnie
  • First Marvel cinematic experience at sea–Avengers: Quantum Encounter.
  • First live dining experience with Elsa, Anna, Kristof and Olaf–world class cuisine infused with Nordic influences.
  • First Star Wars experience at sea– Hyperspace Lounge, a high-end bar styled as a luxurious yacht-class spaceship.
  • First Funnel Suite– multilevel penthouse at sea.

How will guests get to experience Disney magic?

From the moment guests step inside the ship, they will arrive in the beautiful Grand Hall. This Grand Hall will set the stage, and actually serve as a stage for the entertainment. The area will be enchanted—even the walls will be enchanted! The Grand Hall will feel like you stepped into Disney’s castle on the sea!

Enchantment is the heart of Disney’s storytelling so this brand new hall will set the stage for sailing and its theme will carry into multiple areas of the ship.

Insider Secret: Somewhere near the Grand Hall on deck 3 will be a hidden slide that will bring the kids down directly to the Kids Club!


Most hear Disney cruise and think it’s all about the kids. What is available for the adults?

While the kids can immerse themselves in the stories at the Kids Club, this ship has a place where adults can go and enjoy the world of Star Wars or have a meal at one of the adult dining options—Palo Steakhouse or Enchante or The Rose Bar. These are few of the options exclusively for adults. Plus there is an exclusive adult area on the ship that features an infinity pool at the back of the ship, plus a lovely coffee shop called Cove Café.

The Hyperion Lounge will be the Star Wars experience aboard the Wish. It will make the Wish feel like a yacht class ship and you will get to travel to other planets with special drinks from those locations. The lounge will be open to families during the day and at night it will be adults only.


What do you know about the dining options?

Disney Cruise Line will continue its rotational dining concept with three dining options:

  1. Arendelle, post Frozen 2 and celebrating the engagement of Anna and Christoff. Guest will sit all around at the party. Ana, Elsa & Christoff will be there.
  2. World of Marvel—Disney is partnering with Marvel Studios to bring a cinematic dining adventure. Guests will become hero’s during dinner!
  3. 1923 is the third restaurant and it celebrates the Golden Age of Disney animation in a sophisticated setting and a California-infused menu.

What is the AquaMouse?

Its Disney Cruise Line’s brand new water attraction on the top deck featuring 760 feet of fun! It’s going to be a wild water adventure with Mickey and Minnie. There will be water and light effects with music and a show! I think this attraction is going to add a memorable touch for the whole family during sailing.

There will be a 42 inch height requirement and the ride is expected to last 2 minutes.


What itineraries are available?

There are 3- and 4-night Bahamian sailings. The 3-night has a day at Nassau, Bahamas and then a day visiting Disney’s beautiful and private island, Castaway Cay. The 4-night offers the same with an additional day at sea–more time to explore the ship!

What are the accommodations like?

There will be several different stateroom options to choose from. Most will feature the Disney signature split bathrooms along with raised beds for storage. Plus there will be plenty of connecting staterooms available for families.

The categories will range from inside, ocean view, verandah and concierge. The Wish will have an expanded concierge area with multiple stateroom types—from a deluxe studio all the way to the first-ever of its kind funnel suite. This 1,966-square-foot stateroom will truly be like a penthouse in the sky! It will be Disney’s most unique accommodation yet, and yep, its built inside the forward funnel, top deck.


How do you think families will feel after sailing?

I’m thinking they may not want to leave the ship! There is going to be so much to see and do for everyone. Imagine a vacation where all your Wishes come true! This is what I believe Disney has in store for us!

Keep in mind much is included when you book a Disney Cruise! The rotational dining, room service options, Broadway-style shows, fireworks at sea, kids clubs and much more are included in the price of your cruise.

To book or learn more about sailing on the Disney Wish, click here for more information.

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