A Dutch photographer has captured stunning pictures of babies right after they’re born, still curled up in the fetal position the way they had been in utero. It’s an amazing testament to how babies fit inside the womb.

“Nothing [is] more special if you ask me,” Marry Fermont, the owner of Fermont Fotografie, told ABC News in an email. "You get a lot of oooh’s and aaah’s once it’s shown to them. They love to see how their baby actually fit.”

She now tries to photograph all newborn babies that way if their health allows for it. She calls it “a miracle” and “magical” to see the position they have to be in to fit inside their mothers during nine months of pregnancy.

Fermont has documented 100 births with her unique photos of curled-up newborns. The 100th was her own daughter, Liv, born in July. The picture was actually taken by another photographer with Fermont’s guidance.

As for who gets to hold the tiny infants in fetal position after they’ve made their entrance into the world? It’s often Dad who does the honors, though Fermont has taken some shots of Mom or the midwife or doctor doing it.

“It makes it just a little more special if the dad does it,” Fermont told ABC. "It has been in the mum’s belly for so long and after nine months, his child fits exactly in his hand.”

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