Tired of putting the same packs of jelly beans and hollow chocolate bunnies in your kid’s Easter basket? There’s a good chance they just might be too. To avoid the same old routine this Easter, here are a few alternatives for making your child’s basket more creative, and one they’re sure to remember!

Video Games/DVDs

 It may be hard to wait for Christmas or a birthday for the latest video game or DVD to be an appropriate splurge for your child. Their basket is the perfect excuse for picking one or two games or DVDs that they’ve had their eye on, and surprise them that they didn’t have to wait for it.


What child – or parent – doesn’t love bubbles? For Easter, there are plenty of festive shaped containers and even wands to keep the kids outside and laughing all day long. Add a couple of smaller bubble containers with one giant wand and dish set for perfect outdoor fun.


Instead of sweet-treats, try adding a bag of carrots to the mix. Buy large carrots and cut them into fun shapes. The kids will laugh as they channel the Easter bunny for this healthy treat.

Sets of Cards

Whether Old Maid, Uno, or just a fun-themed deck of cards, adding a deck can lead to hours of fun and games. Think outside the box and add math themed flash cards to keep the fun – and learning – going.

Festive Books

Start a new tradition by adding an Easter or rabbit themed book to their basket. Find one that’s reading level appropriate and keep up the tradition to add to their personal libraries.

Sidewalk Chalk

Egg-shaped side walk chalk is not only a perfect complement to any Easter basket, but guaranteed fun for the kids. Set them outside with their new chalk and help them make driveway masterpieces.

Jump Ropes & Outdoor Games

Adding in a jump rope, hula hoop, or even just a new ball will encourage the kids to get outside and play. Find something bright and colorful for the holiday and place it in, or next to their baskets depending on the size. A new toy that keeps them active is the perfect balance for the spring.

Summer Toys

Hopeful for summer? Add a new pair of flip flops, a new beach blanket or beach toy, or even a new pair of sunglasses to their basket to get them ready for summer.

Puzzle Books

Instead of simple Easter-theme coloring books and crayons, try a puzzle book in their basket this year to keep their brains going. Whether it be color by numbers, word searches, or even just a search and find, the brain stimulating books are bound to be a hit.

Something Personalized

Rather than simply putting their name on a creative basket or bucket, add something more personal to their basket with their name on it. Whether it be a new cup, a bowl, or even just a set of pencils, they’ll take pride in showing off their new personalized gifts.